vineri, 1 august 2008


Sometimes I cover myself with sadness, I take the pills of silence and I declare to my inner senate that: ...sometimes when I cover myself with sadness and fears, I believe that...

(Nevermind, it's just a woman who talks now. The inner one, the one that I've never discovered.)
Now gettin' back to what I've started, to make the long story short: sometimes when I cover myself with sadness, fears and personal disillusions, I believe that: I never believed in me, in you.
Dedicated to what's mysterious: the forggoten Eden covered by my...WORDS
Should I stop this here? NO...I'm lookin' forward to talk about my heart, soul and mind, again. Also yours!
Goodnight to myself. As for you: Good morning! Shine today!

PS: Wake me with a call, long one please...